Terina Kelso

Terina Kelso was born and raised in Oakland, Ca. Placed in Foster Care at nine months of age. Only the Hand of God could have orchestrated that in her new home, with God ordained and specifically chosen parents, she would be raised, surrounded by the influence of a man and woman of God who would instill within her the foundations she would need later in life. In the home of the Late Bishop L.B. Johnson and First Lady Julia Johnson, of Calvary Temple Church of God in Christ the calling of God would be established.
Even at a early age her love of music, compassion and a heart for others and the desire to sing the praises of the Lord were evident. Soon she would be singing side by side family and friends in the Calvary Temple COGIC Choirs as well as called upon to let the "praises be heard' as she would fill the sanctuary with the Praises of God. Terina, for more than 20 years to date has and continues to perform and ministered through song and word under a rich anointing that would elevate those who were discouraged, and lighten the hearts of the downcast of heart, and draw to the alter through anointed song, lives to forever be changed by the Blood of Christ.

Early in her career she was a recognized presence throughout the Northern California First Jurisdiction of the Church of God in Christ churches with her father, The Late Bishop L.B. Johnson.

As time progressed she would find herself in Florida where she would perform on stage for and with Zig Ziglar, Worship Leader/Pastor and Recording Artist Trent Cory, as well as opening for the Gospel Group "Rhythm". and many more. Terina's career allowed her to be amongst other anointed singers and musicians to be part of the first CD project of one of the largest and fastest growing churches in Florida - Calvary Christian Center. Her love of music and desire to help recognize and encourage young aspiring artists would lead her to be a co-organizer of "St Johns Got Talent", a Contest where non-professional, aspiring young artist competed on stage against young aspiring artist. Between 2009 and 2014 she developed Lady T Enterprise, a mufti-functional business where various business ventures were birthed, developed and presented to the public.

To date it includes a Lady T Jewelry Designs, a Public Relations and Political Consultant business, eventually expanding into Television and Radio, as well as a Video Production Company. While developing the Video Company she was approached and featured as a Co-host with Casey DeSantis Black, an Emmy Award-Winning Television host, in a series of daily TV Pilots for a new TV Show known as "The Chat", seen daily on WTLV NBC12 in Jacksonville, Florida. Today, she and her husband, Evangelist/Conference Speaker/Author - Alan Kelso own and operate several enterprises including: Terina Kelso Ministries, Lady T Recordings, KMI Publishing, Kelso Ministries International, KMI Leadership Institute and Kelso Medical Innovations. Through all that she has done, and continues to do, no one would believe that this same anointed woman of God, in 1990, in the middle of the night, would be faced with her home on fire, and would be faced with the search to find her three (3) small children. When met by emergency teams, due to the severity of the smoke and the heat she was restrained from pursing further her search, suddenly was met with the fact that her three (3) small "babies" would be lost and taken from her/this life forever. From that moment a decision was set before her: either to be overcome with the immense pain and grief of that night, or to allow the Grace of God to bring her through it. It wouldn't be long again that she would be challenged with pain, loss and grief, but this time, a prophetic word began to rise from within her. A song compel her, over and over she would declare and decree what already existed in the presence of God, that is, "I MADE IT". Those three little words would lift her up once again, propel her forward, as she would begin to see things not as they were, but through the eye of Faith, what was hers to take hold of. She sang her declaration and decreed "I MADE IT" Thus was born and now released through the Lady T Label, Terina's new Hit Single and that declaration, "I MADE IT". Her compassion for others compels her to deliver this message of hope around the world to all who are being attacked, challenged and feeling beaten by the obstacles and tragedies of life is to... dare believe the Word of God, and to declare and decree as well, "I MADE IT"! Terina continues to receive testimonies of her new release "I Made it" how the song is being a blessing in the lives of many, locally and globally. She look to release a new album in the near future. One of her favorite versus of scripture in Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And he shall direct your paths.

In 2017 Terina was nominated and was the recipient of the Psalmstrist of the Year for Dynamic and Christ Centered presentation of the Gospel through Song. During the presentation she expressed that she had "never viewed myself as an Artist or a special person. I have never looked at others who had attained a place of status as being anyone special. I have always just attempted to be a vessel like anyone else whose talent was given by the Lord and though we fine turn those talents it is God who gives it to us. Our responsibility is to be be available to be used. To join with others who have a desire to be used of God and to give God the Glory for what He has done". To date, Terina continues to travel ministering in word and song, allowing the power of God to flow through her, changing and inspiring many lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Terina enjoys reading, She believes that knowledge is power, and always encourages others to take time out to read and study, the word of God for themselves. "I have not been beaten, because I simply will not accept it" ~Terina Kelso